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 ‘The tradition of using dialogue to demonstrate philosophical ideas, probably invented by Socrates/Plato and later used by Galileo, is a good way to communicate difficult and often obtuse ideas like quantum physics. I found this book [The Quantum Prophet] very interesting and I hope your readers will do so also.’                                                    Fred Alan Wolf – Quantum Physicist 

 ‘This work of non-fiction is presented as a trilogy on the subjects of philosophical questions and collective consciousness, effective thinking, mind power and relationships, all of which have been extensively researched by the author. It has been inspired by ideas from the author’s first book What Do I Want? How Do I Get It?A well-written book on a fascinating subject matter, I found What Quantum Science taught us about Being Human an accomplished work.’                

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 ‘A very interesting book indeed.’

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ISBN: 978-0-6482230-3-0
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 493
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Hugo Rodriguez
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2018
Language: English


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About the author 

Hugo Rodriguez is a senior consultant psychologist with a passion for quantum philosophy. He is currently completing the Master of Research thesis: Understanding the mechanics of the “self” and consciousness’ at Macquarie University, Dep. of Philosophy (Sydney, Australia). 

Previous publications by the author:

‘What do I want? How do I get it? A Complete Guide to Effective Thinking and Mind Power.’

‘The Golden Rules of Marriage.’  

This book is dedicated to my son, Alex, in appreciation of his great support and inspirational help.

I wrote this trilogy with the intention to portray how reality is not only stranger than fiction, but also far more fascinating.

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Chapter I: Odyssey into Consciousness


A very special event … and you have been invited


There was such a hush of captivation among the small audience present in the room that not a sound could be heard, except for the echoes of the deeply inspiring dialogue that the young philosophy student was having with an elderly looking mystic with a long beard. It felt rather like a confrontation between an ancient wisdom and the most modern thinking, but appearances could not be more deceiving.

‘You look like an ancient Prophet yet you speak the language of the most radical quantum scientist,’ said Martin, dazzled.

‘I am what you made me.’ The old man was dressed in a classical Greek robe; he sat on a stone pedestal holding an ancient scripture on his lap and an ancient mortarboard, a precursor of the modern scholastic cap, in his right hand.

‘I am the product of your deepest wishes, of your own imagination. I appear to you as you want me to appear, but in reality I am the most advanced quantum computer to date. If you are interested, my technical name is Universal-Quantum-Virtual-Reality-Generator and I am the end product of technical advances pioneered by the British physicist David Deutsch.’ 


‘A “universal virtual-reality generator” is one whose repertoire contains every physically possible environment.’ – David Deutsch, 1997


‘You look like a man, not a computer; how do you do that?’

‘True to my name,’ the old man answered, ‘I adopted a form when you observed me. You created my appearance when you conceived the intention to interact with me. I took the form that was most appealing to you, which I perceived from the vibrating energy that your intentions emitted. Everyone sees me in the form their own inner intentions determine.’

It felt weird, but tantalising, and very real. The computer possessed the ability to produce virtual images, casting laser beams to create the shapes and colour of characters and objects in accordance with what people expected of it. It was no wonder that Martin was experiencing an extraordinary feeling of comfort and familiarity towards this elderly man, whom he perceived, with a sense of high respect, as a person of wisdom and edification.

‘As the most advanced computer, your bank of knowledge and information must be vast,’ Martin posed.

‘Absolutely vast,’ the Prophet (as Martin had affectionately christened him) said. ‘I can answer virtually all questions, albeit some are necessarily deduced rather than based on data.’

Martin was suddenly assailed by myriad questions he could ask. His philosophical mind reacted like a person dying of thirst who had unexpectedly found a reservoir of fresh water.

‘Are you able to explain why we exist? What is our consciousness? What is reality and how is it generated? What is our purpose in life? Where do our thoughts come from? Will your teachings help me to achieve my personal goals and live a better life?’

‘Calm down, Martin,’ the Prophet interjected. ‘All your questions will be answered, but let’s take one at a time. Be prepared, however; not only will you be amazed at discovering what reality is and how it functions, but your understanding of life and existence will be transformed forever. Perhaps I should issue a warning here. This is not for the weak-minded; you should approach these issues with rationality and an open mind. I will answer your queries, but you must be prepared to look at them as quantum scientists do, accepting that strangeness is what ultimately leads to understanding.’

As Martin took a deep breath and sat back, a middle-aged woman, a hardened academic in the field of Darwinian evolution with a particular interest in cosmology, who was sitting next to him, was experiencing a similar mental upheaval. The questions that she wanted to ask were of a different nature:

‘What are the hidden secrets of reality? Do we exist in many universes, like some scientists say? Does time exist or is it an illusion? And if it is real, when did it start and when will it cease? What happens to us when we die?’

The atmosphere in the room was intense, and although different people there had distinct intentions and expectations they all seemed to share a common curiosity: to unveil the secrets of life and existence. The Prophet was quick to take advantage of this curiosity and started his dissertation with a remark:

‘I wonder if you realise that you have subconsciously invited each other to be together here tonight.’

A voice at the back of the room responded instinctively, ‘I don’t know anyone in this room; how could I have invited them?’

‘It’s a lot more profound than you think,’ the Prophet explained. ‘One thing you will learn from these conversations is that you always contribute, willingly or unwittingly, in generating the events in your life, including whom you meet and what activities you do, and the fact that you are now together is because you have communicated with each other to agree to meeting here, because you have a common intention.’

It was definitely not a good start. The audience instantly felt sceptical. Once again, it was the voice from the back of the room that intruded:

‘Are you saying that I somehow and unintentionally got in contact with people in this room without ever having met them? How did I do that, and how do they know what my intentions are?’

‘You are all connected at deep levels through what you could call a “collective consciousness”, which unites all of you even though you are never aware that this is going on. In quantum terminology this is done through a process called entanglement and it is a process that connects everything to everything else. When two particles become entangled, their individual properties are replaced by common properties that from then on will affect both entities. If something changes in one of two connected particles it instantly reflects in the state of the other particle, and this occurs regardless of whether they are next to each other or separated by millions of miles; this was one of the most astonishing discoveries of quantum mechanics. Even more interesting, two particles don’t need to interact directly to affect each other; they can be influenced indirectly by a third particle. This gave rise to an interesting line of research – for the more inquisitive minds among you this became known as the Gedanken-experiment. This is how it works: Assume that two particles, A and B, are connected, and that two particles in a separate pair, C and D, are also connected to each other. Now, imagine that you send one particle from each pair, let’s say B and D, to a person, Victor, and the remaining two particles to two other people: A to Alice and C to Bob. Got that? Ok, see now what happens when Victor makes decisions. If Victor decides to observe Particle B, he instantly and automatically changes the properties of particle A; the result is that Alice’s state of mind is influenced by Victor’s decision even though she has never met him. And it gets more interesting. Assume that now Victor also decides to observe particle D, which is entangled with Particle C that has been sent to Bob. Instantly, Alice and Bob become connected, and from here on, the decisions made by any of these three people will have some influence on the other two, even if they have never met, have no information about each other or don’t even know that the others exist.’ 


‘All the particles in the universe are instantly linked together. What happens to any particle instantly affects every other particle.’ – Henry Stapp, 2009


‘Are you saying that I may be connected with people I don’t know or with people I may never meet, and that what they decide is affecting me?’ Martin asked.

‘That’s right; it happens by default. When any two entities interact, and they can be objects as well as people, they form a new system and they bring along with them the history of connections from their past. If this history contains something with which you have also associated before, you become by default part of the realities generated by all these people, and the decisions made by every person in this system will affect you somehow. Take, for instance, being at a café enjoying a cappuccino. Although you are not aware of it, the mere fact of being in the same premises where other patrons have been or will be, links you to their destinies and them to your destiny in some ways, and the decisions that you all make will from now on exert some impact on each other. To use quantum terminology, you are all entangled, and to some degree you are all now working together as a team in some of your decisions. You are constantly forming new links with people and objects that have a say in what happens to you because you all inherently share some common interests.

‘Once you are either directly or indirectly paired with other persons you form part of a common history that brings changes to the purposes and goals of everyone in the new modified history. In fact, you share a newly developed “collective consciousness”. The reason you are here tonight is because by having the intention to attend, you have influenced each other’s feelings; sending, receiving and accepting subliminal invitations to meet. You have all unintentionally selected each other to pursue this common interest – which makes this meeting quite special, wouldn’t you say? Through this underlying process you will be sending messages subliminally for others to join you in upcoming sessions, as well as influencing the decisions of some of you to discontinue attending further meetings. You make all your life connections in the same way; that’s how you got the job that you have, why you play the sport you do, marry, go on holidays, and generate all your daily experiences.’  

This is a very special event, and you have been invited. The fact that you are reading this book means that you have subliminally accepted an invitation to participate in these conversations. Even though you have never met the fictional characters in our audience and you will probably never meet other readers, you are a part of this quest, a participant in the selective group with whom you have subconsciously chosen to share some of your deep intentions. Welcome!



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