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There was a time in history when the inhabitants in the whole known world believed that the world was flat. Looking out over the sea to the horizon it is not hard to see why they thought this was a fact. The church believed it to be so, along with their leaders and also probably most of their neighbours and friends.

The belief was dispelled when sailing ships went to the edge and disappeared but reappeared again with different information to pass on.

Today the accepted belief of our earthly life is of one god and of being born and then dying with perhaps an afterlife or not.

This book is similar to the sailors of old who offered new information to the inhabitants upon their return from sailing around the world.

This book offers another version to the meaning of our earthly life.

The facts are there and there are many people who already fully understand the information. Most inhabitants however today are more comfortable with the current belief. The churches, the leaders and their neighbours and friends are all part of their comfort zone to stay with their belief.

If The Veil is lifted would the new information turn your flat earth into a round earth?

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ISBN: 978-1-921118-32-6
Format: Paperback
Number of pages:153
Genre: Fiction

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- Leanne Jackson

Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2019
Language: English


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I would like to thank my family and friends who have all contributed to my Plan A scenario.

Most of our connections have been wonderful and supportive and these have helped me through the ones I needed to experience but didnít always enjoy.

I hope I have successfully carried out that which I had planned to experience and I hope that I have also supported them as it was pre-planned to do.

We are together in this life as we have also been together in previous ones and upon our return home we will reflect on this journey and its many diversions.

We still have time to create more memories filled with laughter and love, especially with our families and friends.




When Leanne first became aware of Past Lives over fifty years ago, then the reason for our existence began to make sense.

She firstly needed to prove to herself that Past Lives did exist and to do this she travelled overseas before finally being convinced that it was true.

Working then in her career as a hypnotherapist she participated in enabling many of her clients to also see and become aware of other lives they too had led.

This expanded into seeing the broader picture of our existences and the reason we chose certain experiences in our life to fulfil.

Her belief in this area has never wavered and now in this book she outlines the situations that are manifesting in todayís world and surmises the reason relating it to our preconceived Plan A.

Plan A is the choice we made when we returned to an earthly existence.

She has presented us with maybe a different outlook to consider relating it to the many who were flat earth believers and who are now round earth believers.

It is up to the reader to believe in this version or not.


Chapter 1



The time has come to admit the purpose of the Planet Earth is no longer serving the role it was set up to play.

It was a plan of simplicity designed by an intelligent source who in no way could have foreseen the shambolic outcome that was now prevailing.

When the god force created the Earth Planet for the growth of its soul beings, it was in order for them to experience a human existence to aid them in their progress of enlightenment.

It has now reached the point in which it is now no longer serving this purpose but is in fact becoming so detrimental to the soul energy that it would take eons of life returns to even access the same level that they had arrived here with in modern times.

The plan in its simplest form is to support and aid the soul in its progress upwards which is in the form of levels. Starting at the beginning which is level one and rising to the highest level of seven.

Earth was designated as the planet of emotions so all those souls who had issues in this area could address them in a human form and clear any emotion that was impeding the soulís growth.

Other planets would be utilised for issues of a different progression.

The main stipulation in the plan was that on arrival in a human baby form, all memory of the reason for your return was erased. A Veil would be placed down over all the negotiations that had taken place prior to your new birth, and there would be no memory or direction of the path you had set out for yourself to follow for your own progression.

Free will had been instigated for all returning souls and that then meant that you still had free choice to either follow your unremembered pre-planned path or you could choose to not follow the path. Not following would then mean little progress had been established during this lifetime. When you returned back to your source you would need to re-assess the situation and with assistance from the higher source, you would again create a new plan to follow. There was never any discrimination or criticism displayed for a path which was not followed, it was simply accepted as the outcome and new planning was put in place for your next human existence.

Sometimes it could take many lives for a soul to address just one issue. Depending on their human outlook on the situation, they could end up like a yo-yo continuously going up and down. Others would deal with an issue in their human form and return to home base to progress to another level, and then be presented with another area they needed to clear for their further growth.

The plan is simple and it did work well for many eons until the recent times when mankind over the whole earth went in a disastrous direction. This then contributed to the mass declination for the soul to grow. Not only were the human souls being blocked from their progress to grow, but now they were adding traumas, not always of their making, in which they would have to address in future lives. In fact their additional bundles would have meant they had return lives lasting longer than maybe the Earth Planet itself.

The leaders, the god force and the higher forms of intelligence conferred over the current situation, and came up with two scenarios.

One was to destroy the Earth Planet and begin again from the earliest stage, which had been done before on other planets, or to try a new scenario and renege on their previous decision of an implemented Veil.

Was it Time to Lift the Veil and reveal to the souls in their human form the real reason for their existence on this planet, and that it was not the one that todayís society had led them to believe?

Human existence on the Planet Earth now awaits the final decision. Do we all return home en masse or will there be something else of a mammoth proportion which will direct us back to the enlightenment path we came here to experience.



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