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The Art of Coffee Cup Reading enables you to develop skills to read picture formations found in an overturned cup of traditional Greek or Turkish coffee. Learn this fun past time and share in the coffee aroma and wonders that unfold with each experience.


“I have now had 3 coffee cup readings by Lana. So far she has pin pointed changes in my life with great accuracy. At first I was skeptical but 6 months after my first reading I sat back and thought, Wow! Lana told me this would happen. Her kind, calming nature allows you to feel at ease with her readings. I look forward to getting coffee cup readings by Lana especially when I feel torn between two decisions in my life.

Thank you Lana x”                                                                                                                  

Stephanie. L, Quakers Hill NSW 

“Lana has been superb with reading my coffee cups. She has been amazingly exact various times and she is highly skilled and trusts the angels, divine guidance as well as her own gut instincts. Thank you Lana for bringing me such hope, joy and helping me trust my angels more.”

 Mila, Castle Hill NSW 

“Lana has read many a coffee cup for me and they have always been really accurate. She always tells you what’s there, not what she thinks you want to hear, which is awesome!”

 B. Maksimovic, Castle Hill NSW

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ISBN: 978-0-9943521-2-5  Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 136
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Lana Nicolaou
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2015
Language: English



Thank you  

A gracious and loving thank you to our Guardian Angels that watch over us each day; the Archangels that protect and guide us with their loving and healing presence, a special and humbled thank you to Archangel Michael; immense gratitude and thanks to the Light Workers of the Divine Light source that resonates from Spirit our Father the creator and mother Gaia; to the Light Entities of the Casa de Dom Inacio, Medium Joao, the Ascended Masters for their wisdom and blessings; to the Spirit Guides that walk our life path with us; to my dear friends (Julie, Rosa, Anka, Boshko, Mila, Mili, Mirjana, Mirko, Milica, Luke, Cheryl & Michael, Paul & Theresa, Maria & Eddie, Ang & Andrew, Wendy & Eddie, Perrene & Juan, Angela & George, Therese, Lyn, Paris, Celeste and Fay); to my immediate family: my father Zarko & mother Ilinka, my sister Suzanna; to my father’s family line Sladojevic and to my mother’s family line Knezevic; my in-laws Chris & Ray Ligertwood; my sister-in-law Sam; Stephanie; my aunty Jela and cousin Aleks; my godmother Rada; to my friend and energy healer Sabrina; Pojo; and finally my husband Barry for always encouraging me and believing in me. Love you all dearly.


My parents migrated from Banja Luka (a small town in Bosnia Herzegovina) to Australia when my father was in his thirties and my mother had just turned eighteen. If I had to share one of my most frequent memories during the course of my childhood, it was the consistency with which my parents enjoyed their afternoon coffee, together every day, including those additional times the coffee would appear on the occasional visit of relatives or friends.

More interestingly, I cannot recall a time when the coffee cup would not get turned over for the purpose of a reading. As a child I would often wonder, how could the future change at such a considerable pace on a daily basis? I would think, what could possibly be revealed in the cup today that wasn’t there yesterday? And yet this question did not seem to faze any of the hopeful recipients in the slightest, at least not once the attention was drawn to the Reader, who held that cup attentively in the palm of their hand. Those waiting patiently for their turn would carefully watch the rapid eye movement of the Reader as the Reader skimmed the coffee cup images. You could monitor the slightest change in the Reader’s facial expression, where for all of just a few seconds, the eager receiver of the reading (‘Receiver’), was trying so very hard to decipher what the Reader had discovered and was about to share.

The scene would unfold rather dramatically from here on. The Receiver would attentively listen to the Reader’s every word. This display of intensity was always engaging to watch. The Receiver’s face would become most serious as if his or her life and happiness depended on what was about to be shared by the Reader. You could see the weight of hope rest in the Receiver’s eyes.

After watching so many receive readings from my mother, who was taught by her mother, the most common theme that each Receiver seemed to share was the display of hope and longing for good or favourable news, for good changes to follow suit or for helpful guidance to a certain conundrum. And it is at this juncture that I have come to realise that as a Reader you have a great amount of responsibility. The way in which you read a coffee cup and share its information could impact greatly on the future mindset of a Receiver and therefore even impact on future events.

I love the expression ‘no one has a crystal ball’ because it is entirely true! And yet here we are endeavouring to read into the future as best we can, whether it is through a coffee cup reading, tarot- or oracle-card reading, clairvoyant psychic reading, dream interpretation or some other means. What I believe is this: WHAT is revealed and WHEN it is revealed to a Reader is for the benefit of the Receiver and for the Receiver’s highest good, whether it is positive or negative news. To explain further, the form of news received is to the future benefit of the Receiver, and this means as Readers we want to aid in the beneficial transformation of an individual (being the Receiver) towards his or her overall happiness and wellbeing. This is the sole purpose I retain when conducting any of my readings. My goal is to execute a reading with love, light, good intent and gracious Angelic guidance.

I believe the images formed in a coffee cup are whispers from our Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones from the other side, who are all lovingly endeavouring to share in the wisdom that flows from the Divine source of love, from our father Spirit or, if you prefer the term, God. Whatever your religious belief, or no belief for that matter, please feel comfortable resting with the tools you find in this book. It is all applicable to all who seek to use their inner compass, their sixth sense and inner guidance or gut feeling. As long as your intentions stem from love and willingness to grow and learn as a physical and spiritual being, then I have no doubt you will enjoy the fun and exciting journeys inside this book.

My hope is this book will reinvigorate the almost lost and forgotten pastime of coffee cup reading. I wish to bring it back into the forefront of Readers’ minds, as a useful and informative tool for fortune telling. I would love to witness a coffee cup reading revival. Just as it once was, back in the day, in my parents’ village in Banja Luka, the casual joining of friends, family or neighbours, to share in the daily banter and reconnection of feelings. All the while a swell of anticipation ensues as everyone patiently sips at their coffees, until a Receiver turns over their cup ready to embark on the untold stories of their future.

I hope you sincerely enjoy this book and have many fun coffee reading adventures to follow.


What is a Coffee Cup Reading? 


There are many tales of the way the coffee cup reader came into existence. My mother tells tales of the gypsies reading coffee cups to barter for village produce as they trailed through the dirt roads of her home town when she was just a girl. But rather than delve into the history of coffee cup reading, this book is aimed at encouraging you to take up the gift and the art of coffee cup reading.

Coffee cup reading is conducted in many European countries as well as the Middle East. It is most popular in Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia, just to name a few. The coffee used for the purpose of a coffee cup reading is not your regular instant coffee or percolated coffee. It is a very fine blend of coffee, mostly sourced here in Australia where I live, in specialised delis or coffee houses, and sometimes if you are lucky you can find a couple of different brands in your local supermarket. This type of coffee is more widely known in English-speaking countries as ‘Turkish Coffee’.

There are many different ways of referring to this style of coffee. Some examples include Minas, Minas Santos, Greek Coffee and Lebanese Coffee. You may also find that the name of the coffee depends on the country you reside in. For example, if you are in Greece or ordering coffee in a Greek restaurant you would most likely see the term ‘Greek Coffee’ on the menu. For convenience, I will refer to this type of coffee as ‘European Coffee’ throughout the course of this book.

In a nutshell a coffee cup reading should be a quiet moment of serenity in which you designate a little time from your day to kick back and relax, enjoy the aroma and potential wonders that will unfold for you as you contemplate the endless possibilities, twists and turns your life could take. It is a time of reflection and a chance to consider how far you have come, where you are in this moment in time and what positive outcomes you would like to see unfold for yourself in the future.

I am so humbled that you chose to undertake this journey and peep behind the curtain, to join me on the other side of the table, seeing things from the Reader’s view and opening yourself up to a new world of loving guidance and support.   


The Tools to Make a European Coffee  

You will need:


1.       Very fine coffee or pulverised coffee (of the nature and texture specified in the previous chapter).


2.       Small coffee cups with a handle and saucer (the approximate size and styling that a macchiato would normally be served in).


3.       Coffee pot, or as known in Greece, briki (to prepare the coffee in).


4.       Tissue or napkin.


5.       Optional extras:


(i)       A small sweet such as baklava, wafer biscuit or perhaps a Turkish delight.


(ii)     A savoury snack such as a small dish of walnuts or savoury biscuit.


(iii)    Sugar for the coffee-making process.


(iv)    Glass of water for the Receiver. 


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