A Consumer Guide to Shopping on the Internet

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There's no doubt that great deals, convenience, and choices abound online. But before you take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer, take a minute to read the following safe-shopping tips. You'll learn how to be "cybersmart," and get the most from your online experience without putting yourself—or your wallet—at risk.

Security on the Internet

Shopping on the Internet can be just as safe as shopping in a store or by mail. Just keep the following tips in mind to help ensure that your online shopping experience is a secure one.

Privacy on the Internet

Technology now provides companies with the ability to collect information about you and potentially give or sell that information to others. You can gain more control over your personal information and safeguard your privacy online by following these guidelines:

Easy as ABC

When exploring companies online, an easy way to remember the privacy and security questions you should ask about a company is to remember your ABCs:

A bout Me?

What information does the company collect about me, and is it stored securely?

B enefits?

How does the company use my information, and how does it benefit me?

C hoices?

What choices do I have about the way the company uses my information? Can I opt out of having information used for other purposes, and how do I do that?

More Information for the Consumer

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