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In today’s world we appear to be looking at the destruction of so many of our support systems.

The question that is asked over and over is WHY?

How did we allow this downhill path to begin, to progress, and to continue to this brink of devastation?

There wasn’t just one episode which could be pinpointed as the beginning. It was many episodes which began to escalate until there was no way of halting the onslaught and then everything began to implode on itself.

The populace began to control the masses. The pink fuzzies clouded all the logical decisions with their fairy dust and the looney mob marched and chanted their obscure demands and the Elephant in the room was ignored.

It is still proceeding downhill but we on our island have rebelled. We have set up our own existence and have returned to live and follow the rule of respect and common sense, and to acknowledge an Elephant if it is in the room.

Will it work?   At least we will have tried.

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ISBN: 978-0-6482230-4-7
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 150
Genre: Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Leanne Jackson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2018
Language: English


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In the author’s previous books she has written about the events taking place in today’s world from an almost fictional outlook.

Her work as a natural therapist and hypnotherapist has allowed her to look at events from this perspective which is also part of her understanding and belief of what the meaning of these events convey.

It is up to the reader to believe in that version or not.

This book however is written focusing on the facts as they present themselves in today’s light.

Today many people are asking the same question, ‘What is wrong with the world’? We seem to go from one crisis to another with the outcome being rarely rectified in a positive way.

This story offers a solution in which like-minded people band together and create a more positive living environment.

‘It is easier to fool people than to convince them they are fooled’, was once quoted by an author.

It is up to the reader to believe in this version or not.  













I would like to acknowledge and thank all the many people who are in this world today who are consciously or unconsciously working to make it a better place.

They often wonder how one person can make a difference and as to why they are here, and there isn’t an answer for them. However I feel if we just all stay centred and focused, that an answer will reveal itself.

Respect and common sense outweigh all other forms of reasoning, so if we keep this goal in sight, we will have a successful outcome.

My friends and family are on the right path.


I live on Rebel Island.

Will we be the last peoples to leave this Earth planet or the beginning of the new civilisation to inhabit it?

One thing we do know is that we will not be part of the old civilisation.

Civilisations and Empires have constantly been and gone from the Earth planet over many eons of time, and now once again it has reached that point of change.

Will this one be different in any way? Has the whole planet been destroyed too far, in that it will not support human growth as we now know it? Or will it once more allow a human existence to begin again, to create a different civilisation which does not destroy and implode on itself from within?

Can this small community on this relatively small island be the beginning of the whole world again, or are there other small pockets like us, dotted all over the old known world? It may be many years, if ever, before we know that answer, and that is assuming that we ourselves can survive the next few years.

There are many of us with survival skills, and many without, but the big question is of the Earth itself. Will there be clean air and clean water to support the most basic of living conditions? We are all aware without these, our survival skills will be useless and our final deaths slow and miserable.

The biggest question for us all to answer is, ‘do we all want to face and deal with the challenge?’ or would it be best to admit defeat now and leave this Earth as many of our friends and family have already done. They in most cases didn’t have a choice, but we do, so what will be our answers?

Our communal meeting will have that question for us to address and from the outcome of the answer we will proceed to the next step. Our survivors will then have the opportunity to go in the direction of their choice; whichever they think is the best for them. There will be no fence-sitters in this situation. You are either with us or not. There will be no free handouts given and every one will work for the betterment of all, and not just for their own survival.

Now this will be a big change in direction for many who will have to address this issue for maybe the first time in their life. It is probably more an age concept and since we are lucky enough to cover the full range of ages on our survival island, it will also not be a new idea for many.

How will we all work together amicably? How will peace prevail? There are so many questions regarding the future, and what is in front of us to confront, in order to move forward. That is the unknown at this point, and maybe we should firstly dissect the past, to become aware of what we won’t be repeating again, which is the reason why we are in this present predicament.    

And so my journal will begin for the people who will hopefully follow on.



Chapter 1 - part sample




This scenario could almost be pinpointed as being the beginning of the downward spiral in the known world of our time.

Yes, people had always left their own countries of birth for a variety of reasons. Some were even sent to other countries for a variety of reasons and some just left for the adventure or reasons of love.

There had never seemed to be a major problem with this scenario up until the last few decades. After the last major world war, countries then formed establishments and committees whose purpose it was to stop there ever being another world war, and again creating the upheaval it caused for many of the inhabitants.

For the global situation that existed at that time and which embraced most of the inhabitants, the rules and regulations that were established were appropriate and well meaning. If the world had just stayed that way then we would have still been at peace and presumably life would have continued on. However, the world began to change and at the beginning it was in a positive way. Now seventy years on from those commitments to world peace and security, it is an entirely different world, but still adhering to rules formed in another era with a completely different outlook.

Many countries had signed up to a convention which was designed to help people fleeing from war and persecution. It was hoped that we would never again see a race of people facing annihilation, such as the Jewish race, during the Second World War. A very commendable format from a well-meaning committee who saw offering safety and security to others, for permanent or semi-permanent stays, as a very humane role.

After the war ceased many people decided to shift countries and they had quite a few to choose from. They looked for one which they felt offered them the best conditions for a better, freer and safer life in which to settle in and bring up their families. Again it worked well as some countries were a little overcrowded and some a little under populated and so, after the major shuffle, the newcomers settled into their new lives and became settled. They brought new ideas from their old countries and in lots of ways this expanded and brought benefits to their new home countries.

In most cases these countries, with the new and old inhabitants, prospered and their living conditions excelled, but unfortunately this did not apply to all the countries in the world, and soon there were obvious divides. Some of the other countries had taken the pathways of fighting, greed and power and only the leaders and their cronies prospered while their peoples were killed and mistreated.

At times, the rest of the world tried to step in and bring about some form of order and peace similar to their own and the rules they had set up so many years ago.

The big mistake of course was that the rules they had instigated had applied to a different world which was now so far distanced to the one that was now presenting itself. The peaceful world had prospered and the children had been educated and could think for themselves, and they thought along the lines of bettering themselves and the country they lived in.

Unfortunately the warring world countries had never thought along these lines and their children only grew up knowing how to kill and survive the best way they knew how. Then some of their leaders came up with the bright idea to bring a vengeful god into the scenario. This god now decreed that it was a god command to go after the peaceful people and their countries, and have the spoils of these countries to make their own lives more comfortable. It never crossed their minds that they too could have had the same outcome if they had adhered to a different scenario.

Their wars also consisted of fighting other countries of the same dysfunctional outlook in order to achieve something no one is quite aware of. It was fighting for the sake of fighting and often with the declaration that their god was on their side. This applied to both sides so we were not sure which side god was actually cheering for!

Dictators would emerge and hold that country together by force and brutality and it would even appear to have some strange form of peace. Unfortunately then, for some unknown rational reason, the peaceful countries would decide to step in and depose the dictator in order for the warring people to have the same life and conditions that they had established. Forgetting of course that these people had no idea of what an ordered life would be like and soon the fighting between each other would commence again once the peaceful countries left.

One can only assume that that idea came from people who thought all would be well if all was well! So short sighted but well-meaning, and although it probably made them feel warm and fuzzy within, and citing the rules set up so many years ago for a different scenario, they felt they had achieved some good. The committees of the world bodies said words which they thought were appropriate but they fell on deaf ears.

In their naive way the fuzzy people thought that all people were of equal intelligence and outlook and that by saying sensible and intelligent words it would solve the situation. It just didn’t register on them that people who had only known power and brutality would only understand power and brutality. It was a case of trying to mix oil and water together. IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.



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