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PRISM - An Anthology

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Give me sweetest smile – 

It costs nothing but gives much 

I walk out in the thunder 

In the beauty of 



It hits me that, at sundown, 

When my place of home is ‘found’ – 

The light comes in the 

Darkness of the night.


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Number of pages: 225




Owen Tilley
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2016
Language: English





Owen Tilley came to poetry later in life.  His first 25 years were spent building a career in finance.  Creativity got the better of him when he received a present – a notebook – from a friend.  Inside, it read: ‘be inspired’. And he has been ever since.


His poetry makes for a philosophical and thought-provoking read. He is a regular contributor to ‘Poetry in Paradise’, a poetry group on the Gold Coast, Queensland. He contributes to https://MyTrendingStories.com/, and continues to update and run his own blog, https://sensualism.me/.


He lives in Hope Island on the Gold Coast, where the sun’s always over the ‘yardarm’.





Pamela and Brian, 

who encouraged me to ‘strive’.




Thank you to Marilyn, Zoe, Clive and the team at Zeus Publications for giving me the opportunity to create. 

To my family, especially my parents, Pamela and Brian, for telling me I ‘could’, and for putting up with being the mouthpiece through which my poetry found a voice. 

To Susan Beard, for encouraging me to ‘be inspired’. 

And to everyone out there, near and far, who gets enjoyment from the written word.



I have seen ‘prism’ defined as a transparent object with refracting surfaces at an acute angle with each other, separating white light into a spectrum of colours. 

Not unlike people, in some ways. 

‘Prism – an anthology’ was created over the space of almost a year, when the poetic and creative took a hold of me. 

The anthology is a collection of works based on emotions, both heartfelt and personal, as well as the philosophical and occasionally political. 

My intention was to create a book that was thought-provoking and heart-warming, giving the reader the opportunity to interpret the poetry (and the short stories) in their own way, for their own benefit.  It was also written with the thought that life, in all its forms, can sometimes get the better of us. 

Yet we are faced with the opportunity to either rise above the challenges we face or allow them to take over and control us. 

I know which I choose – a reason why I started putting pen to paper and poetry to the page. 

I hope you enjoy ‘Prism – an anthology’ as much as I enjoyed creating it.









He remembers the past,

Lives through the present

And wonders about the future.


Life’s been full of challenges

But he’s settled for what’s expected,

Whilst he hopes his future brings belief

In special things, reflected.


The wonders of a world unknown,

The emotion of a feeling grown,

The excitement of achievement sown.


Enlightenment to what was dark

His future may at times seem stark,

But with you in it he shines bright

Like glistening stars on moonlit nights.




Partake the day


Mine is not to partake

Just for participation’s sake

Mine is not to compete

Merely for competition’s feat.


Yours is not to dare to dream

Asleep, sub-consciously create

Yours is not to forget

Your time will come – not now, not yet.


Ours is to stand the test that’s time

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick

While some by wayside fall away

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tock.


Not for one the same for all

Difference espoused, truth be told

Not for all what’s right for one

Age passes by, from young to old.


Enveloped in our own surroundings

Quiet, wistful, lonely, prescient

Exposed to what’s beyond our setting

For better or worse, not pretending.


Come gather where the few reside

Follow the few to where the many live

Be not one of scores who wants to gain

But one of few who’s keen to give.


Hark the wistful splendour of the garden

Hail the colour of the garden’s flowers

Be not tied to flowers or the garden

Be tied to daylight’s enduring hours.


Awaken when one sees the light

Vivid is the day

Twilight is when day falls to night

Never give one’s soul away.





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