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Poetic Planet presents a unique compilation of modern-style fictional poems and short stories.  A storytelling anthology utilising a world of imagination and the rhythm of rhyme to tell about our planet, as well as humanity and all walks of life on Earth; a colourful depiction of nature, life experiences and journeys to which many readers may feel strong connections.

Poetic Planet
expresses the absolute importance of the voices of the people of this world.
“Our emotions, choices and actions are all a definitive depiction of who we are, what we experience and learn, and how we naturally adapt to live in this world in this lifetime”… 



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ISBN: 978-0-6480998-4-0    
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 141
Non Fiction Poetry

Cover: Clive Dalkins

Ashika Power Ram
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2017
Language: English


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An eternal thank you and love to God and all the heavenly beings from the white light. I am so grateful for your unconditional love, your special guidance, and your amazing assistance in all my work.  My gratitude for our special connection and our unity is absolute and infinite! 

I dearly thank my husband, Michael Power, and also all my family and friends for your love and cheerful support. I’m so thankful to have you in my life and I love you all! 

 Cheers and many thanks to the entire team at Zeus Publications. Your expertise and support has once again made it possible for me to present another great book to the whole wide world!

I sincerely thank you all with all my heart! 

Also, very special thanks to each and every one of you who enjoy reading my work! My appreciation for your support is endless! … I love to write; it’s one of my passions in life!



Poetic Planet


Planet Earth: It is a splendid world into which we are born, to live and learn in throughout our entire lifetime. A world filled with many inner worlds evolving and living amongst each other. All of the natural wonderment lies amongst the beauty of Mother Nature.  

Earth… The perfect home in the midst of our amazing Solar System; the centre of all the wonder in our brilliant Galaxy, existing in this time and in this space, inside our magnificent and eternal Universe… Proudly revolving and evolving with continual movement in the form of endless beauty and grace; the cause and the purpose of science and a genius work of art. Constantly changing, nurturing and challenging, and in turn, providing the perfect balance, timing and the environment that all living beings thrive on. Our Mother Earth; we are just like her and we all are a part of her.  

She’s hot and cold; she’s darkness and light,

She’s fast and slow, she’s wrong and right.

She’s perfect but also makes her mistakes,

She’s ferocious and calm, she’s love and hate.

She’s up and down; she’s balanced, but can also be unstable.

She’s clever, loyal, giving and nurturing, yet also unpredictable. 

Mother Earth: She is our life, our home, our teacher, our protector and our provider, our everything. In this lifetime this is where we experience it all; the good and bad, the happy and sad, and all else in-between. We are all a replica and a product of her. Created by God, Earth is the Poetic Planet, because life itself is simply poetic! 

Poetic Planet has been in the making since the early 1990’s. The creation spanning over two decades proudly illustrates and portrays human expressions, emotions, thoughts, impressions and lessons as well as outlining the importance of the voices of the people of this world.  

(The entire contents of this book are based on fiction; any resemblance to any person or event is purely coincidental.)


Amazing Power


The amazing power

when into each other’s eyes we stare,

 it’s love

and it’s something so special we share.

To embrace one another’s affection,

to be in each other’s care,

the need for your love

is like the need for fresh air.


Our love is unconditional,

filled with passion, happiness and flair,

it’s the beauty all around us,

it’s to be shared every day and everywhere.

Our minds and our hearts

should always be aware,

that the amazing power of love

will always be there.


Courage and Confidence


I used to get bullied a lot

when I was going to school.

I was quite intelligent,

but according to the others I was different

and so uncool.

I did have a few loyal friends,

whom I could surely love and trust

and then there were some others who pretended;

they were full of lies and so unjust.


I used to walk to and from school

every single day,

and was bound to come across a nasty bully,

or two, or three, along the way.

They’d sneak up and call me names

and try to trip me up from behind;

threw objects and said nasty things

because they thought it was so tough to be unkind.


I used to be scared to go to school, but I had to,

and I actually still wanted to go;

as I needed to learn about many things

and there was so much more I wanted to know.

I was too afraid to voice my thoughts and opinions

while I was sitting, isolated, in class.

The nasty kids would pick on anything I did or said,

just so they could have a good laugh.

I used to run home crying sometimes

and was so upset on quite a few occasions.

Got threatened to get beaten up a lot,

purely as a result of their own jealousy and frustrations.


At times I really felt

that the whole wide world was going against me.

Those nasty kids teased me because I was different

and not how they wanted me to be.


I used to keep quiet but I really wanted to speak up

and I knew that soon the time would come...

Then a set of twins joined my class,

the bullies thought it would be so much fun.

As instantly, those nasty kids had me, plus

the twins, to joke about and pick on.

I finally got fed up and in our defence

I stood up and verbally gave the bullies back some!


I used to get bullied at school; I got bullied a lot

and for far, far, far too long.

But those very bullies helped me realise

that I am quite resilient and very strong.

I thought, ‘If they can have so much courage

and confidence, then so can I!’

So I looked for the opportunities and took the chances

to give my own self confidence a try.

I used to worry and stress so much

about what the others thought of me;

but I found that it all consumed my thoughts

and took my mind to places that I didn’t want to be.


I also learned that bullies

may have a series of personal

and troublesome issues of their own;

and due to their private issues and problems

I didn’t want to get myself involved.

In turn, my own courage and confidence boosted up

and the proof was clearly shown.

I felt great about myself, the bullies disappeared

and my own problems were getting solved!

Each to Their Own

 Some are friends;

some pretend to be mates.

Some like to give;

while others want to take.

Some are kind and caring;

others can be so inconsiderate.

Some like to make friendships;

some will cause them to break.

Some may think they are perfect;

but we can all make mistakes.

Some find it difficult to comprehend,

correspond and or communicate.

Some are early;

some are always late.

Some are crooked;

some are straight.

Then there are those

who just don’t want to cooperate.


Most are honest and true;

while others are just all fake.

Most share the love;

while others want to cause heartache.

Most are happy with just one slice;

but some want the whole cake.

Most believe in free will;

while others want to control and manipulate.

Most have time and patience for others;

some don’t have the patience to wait.

Most love to love;

others love to hate.

Most are happy to agree;

while others have reasons to debate.

Most can be trusted;

others can be sly and described as snakes.

Then there are those

 who constantly have the need to remonstrate.


We can all display our true talents and traits.

We all have the ability to create and make.

We all want life to be exciting and great,

so we can be proud and happily commemorate.

We all have the right to be in a wonderful state.

We may all have times of hardship, loss,

pain and sorrow to tolerate.

So we must remember to care and share our love and goodwill

as it is truly needed now, for everybody’s sake.

Live in Peace


 There’s a time and there’s a place

for our whole world to embrace.

In every heart there’s always a space

to respect every culture and accept every race.

We need to be willing to come together

to share our love and all the laughter;

to prevent any hatred, anger, danger and disaster.

These facts of life we need to master.


We all have the same body and the same brain.

We all have feelings and don’t like pain.

We all want to be happy and not have to strain;

so everyone come together now, let’s not refrain.


We are all humans and we all have a right

to share the same darkness and to see the same light.

To live in peace we need not fight.

For we all want to sleep peacefully at night.

We all want to watch our dreams take flight.

We can all wish with all our love and might;

for everyone to live in peace, together, black and white.


Too Long


Be careful what you say.

Be careful what you do.

Before you know it,

they’ll be coming after you!


You know that you’re right;

but first, you need to prove them wrong.

The truth is in your sight;

but sometimes justice takes too long.


Be careful what you say.

Be careful what you do.

Before you know it,

it will all be blamed on you!


They took you for a ride

and they still want to do you wrong.

Their lies are on their side

and justice just takes too long.


Be careful what you say.

Be careful what you do!






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