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Life, Story and a Smile is a collection of poems, short stories and anecdotes which explores the ups and downs of life, a story that is designed to challenge how a person views all forms of emotional experiences in their life. A book which will help you realise your own sense of worth via an unorthodox yet respectful perspective of real issues you will discover in your life

This book was designed to help both the ones who want a reminder that they are never alone in the fight against the world and a message to the world that every person is different regardless of how they look or act. Your own individual actions dictate an impression not your looks because you will be remembered by how you impacted others beyond your aesthetical beauty.

From the beginning of the day to the last hour of the day, this book will cover your curiosity and challenge what you consider normal in your life and view situations from another’s perspective. This book will cover perspectives such as love, personal growth and hardship.

If my words can make at least one person smile then I would have consider the book a success as a percentage of profits from the book will be going towards a charity to continue the flow-on effect of positivity through, not just words, but actions.

Please enjoy what my book has to offer you and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours should it enlighten your perspective on something which is troubling you currently.

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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 146
Genre: Non Fiction,
Poetry, Modern—21st century, Short stories Self-help.

Cover: Clive Dalkins

James Ronald Perram
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2017
Language: English


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James Ronald Perram was working in accounting in the Sydney CBD prior to discovering his ability to put emotions into words. He is a man with a big heart and a dream to inspire others to follow their dreams rather than accept what society has deemed right for an individual. He put on hold a solid career and put painstaking hours of dedication into his new dream with his loyal girlfriend by his side.

Coming from an unsheltered background himself, he understands the cruel reality of what life brings but also what joy living a life can bring – not to just an individual, but to a collective group such as friends and family, remembering to love before we turn to hate in satisfying our own needs.

James is a follower of many activities which enlighten him to challenge himself from his own version of normal. Half Chinese, but adoring the Greek culture, this is just one of many eccentricities which make him look at life from a different perspective.

James would like to acknowledge the following people in assistance with this book:

Firstly Keri, who he couldn't have written this without. All of the long nights of encouragements and hour after hour of critique and editing will never be forgotten. Nor will the midnight gyros deliveries.

Also, to all his other friends and family who kept him sane and motivated through the process, there are too many to mention but he hopes he has done their words justice.

Finally to you, the reader: thank you for taking the time to read this. He hopes this inspires you in all of your future endeavours.


Of all the parts of our lives we respect completely, it is the ones that we lost to get here that we have betrayed.

We betrayed their abilities by not performing.

By being better than another, we are limiting ourselves in more ways than you could imagine.

Other people will envy and aspire to overtake you. Formalities are irrelevant when personal conflicts determine your pride.

For every person whom we envy, their target increases per day.

Popularity is the only word to show emotional wealth within a section of society which confirms our existence.

When we get older we forget what we love. We forget the pain that exists in the hope to empower our specific idea of a future.

Every human being is in our future. We all aspire to be valued, no matter which way possible.

No judgement too weak. No person too strong. Hold hands with the ones you love because you never know when life changes its painful course.

Our bodies giving us abilities to grow, change for what we desire and mould into concepts thrust upon us. My final wish is to see the world a better place.

Free of final goodbyes. Free from misunderstandings. The universally-spoken language of kindness. That is my dream which will never come true in my lifetime.

Perhaps when mankind has developed a solution to emotional pain we will discover the answer was always within all along.

Please be kind unlike people were to me.

Please smile to give hope to all in the pain that is so very apparent in every individual.

If anyone is suffering please find solace in the notion that life is a journey and eventually you make a pit stop of relaxation.

If you can't have one. Make one. Change up your pattern and roll with life for what it has become.

Above all. Love the part of you which fights.

Mental illness is a part of every human being. Whether it is inside or through the pain of others whom they affect.

Please be kind.

Please be gentle to me.

I am a man with a broken mind and a blessed heart.

My only remedy is understanding. My only happiness is the reasons that I am accepted. Please world: Change for the benefit of all rather than the select few.

Man or woman. Adult or child. Hold out your hands and emotionally comfort all that surround you.

Every positive action has the potential to be passed on and shared to another.

That love is no formality but genuine. Life is genuine and we can embrace it for as long as we fight our demons and deny others the right to be miserable.

Instil hope through your actions. Words and results are not important provided your intent is for a good and loving purpose.

Above all else love yourself to love others. The world will benefit from your love no matter what the extent.

Go now into the world. Embrace your body and mind. Smile ’til the sun goes down and the pain continues. It continues ’til we fight again on another cold and cloudy night.  

From one broken author to a life he wished could be.

Alone in the Dark 

This chapter focuses on the vulnerability of the mind and body when sleep does not come to either. It reminds us of the aspects which keep us grounded while keeping an eye out for sudden breaks in our lives and their possible long-lasting effects.

He lay silently alone in his bed.

His eyes were bloodshot red, nothing seemingly able to aid his journey through the night.

Despite how amazing he was as a whole, nothing seemed quite right.


He tossed and turned endlessly against the might of the world.

The harder he tried to rest, the more his brain swirled.

His mind’s biggest enemy was the one not yet known.

Regrettably, the sadness he embraced was plainly shown.


For each tear drop that flowed down his face

for the loss of a friend, he could never replace.

For each person who suffers there is one who will help mend

healing pain with their love is the true sign of a friend.


For every memory, for every person who comes his way,

a certain feeling has gone astray –

a feeling of blissful and upsetting pain.

The pause of life beginning to feel like an endless strain.



When life changes course like a ship out on the sea,

sailing moment to moment charting one quay to quay.

Good times that you dreamed of always come and go,

and when the darkness has lifted, your happiness will continue to grow.


Stay calm! Because good moments like these are not as eternal as they seem, it is but merely just a part of life’s great scheme.

Life changes its course through the night

It gives us our innate ability to fight, fight, fight.





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