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Madge Stevenson is very worried about the strange dreams she has been having – dreams concerned with the television news and documentaries that are connected with comments from Saint Peter and Satan. So she decides to make up some short stories about them.  

Thus in Book One we have a selection that is prompted by Earthly behaviour, as seen on TV. 

Book Two sees Madge’s imagination take a different course when she sees Mrs Brown in her campervan. The result is a series of short stories where she imagines what could happen after retirement. 

In Book Three Madge is now in heaven. There she is encouraged by Saint Peter, and his Angels, to write more short stories about what they, as Heavenly Watchers, see occurring on Earth. 

Putting them all together provides us with a Theme of Helping Others! 


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ISBN: 978-0-9946271-0-0    
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 136




Marguret Price
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2016
Language: English



About the author 


Marguret Lyle Price was born in West Geelong, Victoria, in 1925. Now, at the age of ninety, the news and documentaries on television gave her ideas for different short stories which resulted in this book Is Someone Really Watching?  

She started writing poetry and short stories from the age of seven, was married twice and has six children, plus, by now, an extended family. She worked in Canberra, ACT for 25 years acquiring on the way three degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate Degrees in Librarianship and Professional Writing. 

Her published work is varied including Professional Manuals, Journal Articles and Poetry for the National Library for Poetry in America. While Librarian-in-Charge of the Film and Photographic Library of the Australian War Memorial, she worked with many War Publications and their authors. She finished her career as Librarian-in-Charge of the Hospital and Medical Libraries in Canberra. 

Retiring from work she spent time caravanning around Australia. She settled in Hervey Bay for 14 years where she busied herself in her varied interests. She was President of the Hervey Bay Bowling Club, Secretary of the Hervey Bay Arts Society, and spent time writing and painting. As an accomplished artist she specialised in Australian Bush scenes and she found a lot of interest in putting together little books of short stories and poetry. 

After the death of her husband in 2015 Marguret moved to the Gold Coast to be nearer her family. She now lives quietly, just a bit of reading, writing and playing solitaire on the computer.





adge Stephenson was a very worried woman. She was also curious about the strange dreams she had been having every night. Of course she knew it might have something to do with watching too much television, especially the news, with all the silly, no not silly, nasty things happening in the world. She was also a very kind lady and loved to help in every way she could, with people, situations, animals and children.

Bothered she thought and thought! Why were the dreams so mixed up with nasty things on television and why was it mixed up with silly imagination, Saint Peter, Pearly Gates, Satan and Angels? It just didn’t make sense! What could she do? She needed to do something to have a good night’s sleep.

She lay in her bed, her eyes just would not close, and thought about the different dreams; after all, they were a bit interesting.

Then, an idea! I’ll try to write them down. Maybe someone would like to know about them. Or perhaps, think I am getting old and queer! She turned over and actually dropped off to sleep – and had yet another dream







Maybe our thoughts and daydreams of Heaven  is of a place where we can do those things we loved best on Earth. A good example of this is Lawn Bowls. It was always pleasing to dress up and go to bowls. So what could be better to find in Heaven – a bowls lawn, a nice club house and bowlers with one thought, ‘let’s have a good game’!! And all this, is what you find on Cloud Twenty-Nine.  


One morning as they sat around discussing their next big game, Saint Peter made an unexpected appearance.

‘Ladies,’ he announced, ‘I have a surprise for you. It is not one I am in favour of but I was placed in a position where I had to agree.’

By this time the ladies were all ‘interested’. What could possibly have happened to displease him?

Saint Peter continued, ‘This morning I had a visit from Satan and he wants to bring his bowling ladies up here this afternoon for a competitive game. He says his bowling ladies are giving him an uncomfortable time because he won’t arrange any activities for them, especially competitive ones. Apparently they are very determined ladies, prepared to win anything and everything!’


The Heavenly bowlers looked at each other. ‘We don’t mind – we can only do our best,’ and actually, here the speaker blushed a little, ‘We do have some very good bowlers among us.’

Saint Peter smiled, ‘Ladies, just be your usual kind selves.’

So the ladies busied themselves, tidying up the club house and arranging a very nice afternoon tea.


At 2 pm they gathered at the entrance ready to welcome their visitors. ‘It’ and ‘They’ arrived with a burst of fire and a bang. A big, noisy bus full of loud voices; some not complimentary. ‘What an ordinary club house, no style,’ and ‘looks boring’ were two comments heard.

They disembarked in a rough way, ignored the handshakes offered and stomped loudly into the club house where Saint Peter and Satan were standing.

Saint Peter immediately held up a hand and quietly said, ‘Ladies, settle down. You can use your energies on the green.’

Satan just gave a snigger, but they did quieten a little.

Teams were then arranged and out to the greens they went, the home teams smiling and the visitors scowling; nothing pleased them!

The game began and it was only minutes later, an angry voice exclaimed loudly, ‘Don’t stand so close; you ruined my shot.’ The Heavenly bowler moved aside and several others paused quickly at the noise.

After that a lot of noisier accusations were heard especially when the home team was bowling. It did become difficult for them to concentrate.

Then a visiting bowler brought things to a halt quickly when she accused her opponent of putting up the wrong score. ‘You cheat,’ she screeched, ‘I won two points, not one.’

The Heavenly bowler smiled slightly and obligingly changed the score. In her circle they didn’t argue about such things and it would be no good saying she was right.


The game continued, extremely noisily, some cheating and in one instance a Heavenly bowler was knocked over and her hair violently tugged. And pushing a hat off was common!

The Heavenly bowlers were extremely pleased when the game came to the expected end; the visitors won. The lovely afternoon tea was met with scowling looks by the visitors who left as soon as possible after receiving the trophy. They didn’t even bother to say ‘Goodbye.’

The Heavenly bowlers breathed a sigh of relief as peace and quiet descended. They looked at a slightly ruffled Saint Peter and said, ‘They won’t come back, will they?’

‘Not ever,’ he fervently replied. ‘You know, I had forgotten that some people behaved like that.’

The bowlers looked at each other, all talking at once about the pushing, the shoving, the cheating and a lot of other indiscriminate things they hadn’t experienced before.

‘They did beat us,’ said one bowler.

‘Yes, but who wants to win like that!’

They all agreed.

And of course Saint Peter had the last word, ‘Now you know why they are in Hell!’






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