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This book starts with a disturbing question, Are you happy?  

Disturbing because in a world that broadcasts happiness as the most important thing in existence, so very few people are. Why is that? Answering that question is what this book is about. It de-romanticizes and demystifies long-held beliefs about life and the reasons it is the way it is, then offers practical steps needed to get out of ego and into happiness, peace and love.  

If you genuinely want to know about life, happiness, death and what happens after it, as well as why Adam and Eve really got tossed out of the garden Him & Me offers the answers in simple, practical and at times humorous ways.  

This work is spirituality for grown-ups. 

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ISBN: 978-0-9944084-1-9    Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 180
Non fiction - Spiritual

Cover: Clive Dalkins


Nick Z. Moran
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2016
Language: English





How do you judge a good life? By the way you are feeling.

 – Nick Z Moran



Are you happy?


When was the last time anyone asked you that? When was the last time you asked anyone that? Most importantly, when was the last time you asked yourself that question?


The question is rarely asked because to ask it means to torment the soul. It doesn’t take long, playing in life’s playground, to realise there are no happy endings here. To keep asking about happiness therefore is like throwing raw salt onto an open wound. Much better instead to outwardly focus on diversions and counterfeit happiness concepts such as material possessions, career advancements, relationship status and a myriad of other things egotistical.


It is only when pushed that people will reveal the hidden hope that lingers within. Deep in the wilderness of the mind, the desire to be happy remains. There’s no getting rid of it. And every now and then, be it during bouts of severe duress or in the hour before dawn when one wakes in a cold sweat, it stirs, and is heard. Like a distant howl of a lone wolf you hear its ancient lament – I am here. Come home.


Or ask a parent cradling a little one in their arms. Ask them what they want that child to do and be when they grow up and the answer will invariably be along the lines of – I don’t care, as long as he’s happy.


Why has happiness become one of life’s hypocrisies? On the one hand, when pressed, or stressed, people say they want it above all things, then quickly push the thought back from whence it was dragged and go about their lives, spending more time brushing their teeth than contemplating happiness.


What you have is a perverse dichotomy. On the one hand, deep down, everyone knows that happiness is the beautiful reality. On the other hand everything humanly possible is done to push that beautiful reality out of mind and replace it with junk wants.


Why is that?


The reason is relatively simple. You have made yourself forget what true happiness is and replaced it with cheap worldly imitations. In order to continue perpetuating that illusion you ceaselessly hunt after anything that comes to mind, any shiny thing will do, so as to suppress and push down that which is real. It is your own version of the Wild Hunt.

The only constant to the hunt is more. More what? It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s more than you already have. More becomes a vicious cycle of want that pollutes a life then spreads, becoming a mind-pandemic that ravages and pollutes everything with which it comes into contact.


On the subject of want, D.H. Lawrence put it this way:

The wages of work is cash.
The wages of cash is want more cash.
The wages of want more cash is vicious competition.
The wages of vicious competition is – the world we live in.


A basic example of this, more for the sake of more, principle is this. When one is hungry, for example, happiness is a piece of bread. When one is thirsty, happiness becomes a drink of water. When homeless, happiness turns into a roof over one’s head. Once those basics are satisfied, happiness transforms into a more version of those things. A need for a piece of bread is replaced by a need for hors d’oeuvres and caviar. A glass of water becomes a need for expensive wines, and the simple roof over the head morphs into a need for a mansion with servants.


Those who achieve their goal, and get the caviar, the rich wines and the servants to serve them find they still feel empty and unfulfilled. So they dream up something else that represents happiness and the cycle starts over, the Wild Hunt continues.


For those who do not achieve the perceived level of happiness, which is the majority, the feeling is the same: emptiness and dissatisfaction. So both the rich and the poor ultimately share the same core feelings. Neither is happy, neither is satisfied. Neither is better than the other – in achievement or virtue.


One alleged meeting between Alexander the Great and the philosopher Diogenes demonstrates this human sameness well. Alexander reportedly found Diogenes attentively looking at a pile of human bones. The philosopher explained, I am searching for the bones of your father – King Phillip II of Macedon – but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave.


Animals have no such issues. Give a dog a choice between a juicy bone and some rarefied dish whipped up by a renowned chef and the dog will go for the bone. Offer a cat a bowl of water when she’s thirsty or a bowl of prestigious champagne and water is the beverage of choice every time. Offer a bird an air-conditioned cage or a branch swinging in the wind and guess which one it will choose.


But we are not creatures, you say. We have evolved. We think, we create, we aspire, we control. We are …


… Yes? You are what, exactly. Human? Sure, but what does that mean? At least an animal remains true to itself. It doesn’t run around bemoaning the fact it can’t get what it doesn’t need or a thing that is in fact detrimental to its wellbeing. And true, you have evolved, but into what? That you think is also true although the thoughts are way too often dubious, at best. True also that you strive to control. You want to control everything, except the most important thing … your mind.


The bottom line is you don’t know what or who you are. And therein lays the reason you believe happiness remains lost to you. In reality your happiness is not lost. It is where it has always been. And where it will always remain. Dogs, cats, birds and nature know this. There is no stress about it because all things are connected to the happiness source. Even a burnt out tree is perfect. Everything is perfect, simple, uncomplicated.


When you regain the sense of your true identity, remember who you are, happiness will once again be your natural state.


So who are you?


Simply put, you are everything. You are the creator and the created. You are at once the infinite and the finite. You are the conditional and the unconditional. You are a father and a son, a mother and a daughter. A leader and a follower. You are the truth and the lie, life and death. You are oneness and individuality, love and peace as well as war and chaos. You are sin and corruption, goodness and honesty, ignorance and wisdom. You are everything and you are nothing.


Your mission, as they used to say in the popular American television series, Mission Impossible, is to reconnect with your natural state and consequently happiness. Everything else is meaningless. Your mission, however, is not only possible, its successful completion is guaranteed. Take comfort in that.


You have done your absolute utmost to try and erase Creation from your divine memory. It should be said that you have done superbly well. Which is not a surprise. Your powers are immense. They come from Creation, and Eternal Truth itself. Even when you turn them against yourself, they work. But they are not so immense as to obliterate Creation. That not even you can do.


Until you wake sufficiently you will continue to suffer under the weight of your false beliefs: that you are on your own and at the mercy of life and circumstance. That the only creation is the one you have accredited to your false gods and/or science, which banged your world into being and reveals to you a molecule at a time.


Deep, deep down you know all you see here is a lie. Deep, deep down you also know that fully reconnecting with Eternal Truth is just a matter of time. This knowledge scares you because to reunite with your Creator means letting go of the world you have created. And this part is true; your world will in time be released. The two worlds cannot coexist. You need to let go of one to be in the other.


You have chained yourself to an oppressive situation by denying the truth. You are living a lie. For that lie to be reinforced everything else needs to be chained along with you. And so it is – fish are chained to water, birds to the sky, polar bears to snow, and so on.


You have turned Creation upside down. You believe the unreal to be real and vice versa. You write inane verses and present them to yourself as gospel. You tell yourself things like this are true:


For true and righteous people are his judgments, because he has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication; and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants shed by her.


Again they said, Hallelujah! Her smoke rises up forever and ever!


Although the above is a bastardised piece of biblical text you can find similar statements in many of your world’s texts. Couched differently but with the same meaning. Such writings would be highly comical if you didn’t believe them and use them to keep yourself chained to this despair you call life.


Do not be afraid. You have nothing but love, peace and gentleness waiting to replace the nonsense you have been dreaming up and clutching onto.


It is time for you to reconsider, to stop running and to reconnect. And when you reconnect you will understand, and when you understand you will be living the life that is yours and only yours. You will no longer be asking what happiness is.


Him & Me is about you clearing the way and entering into a dialogue with your higher self (Him), and through that communication reconnecting with your Creator, Eternal Truth.


I call that reconnection process Find Your Life. Finding your life and happiness in this context means doing what you need to do in order to reconnect.


Everyone’s reconnection process has unique aspects to it. Aspects put in place when the separation, the disconnection or as some have termed it the Great Fall, occurred. That this alleged action never happened is of no consequence because as long as you believe it to be true, it will continue to be true for you. That’s where Him comes in. He will help you undo the barriers that stand between you and Eternal Truth.


The unique aspects I refer to are personal experiences, fears, anxieties, mannerisms and so forth that keep you from reuniting with the grandeur of oneness and happiness.


There are also the general ego world aspects that need to be seen truly: diversity for example. Dressed up as a good thing, ego uses diversity as camouflage for specialness, separateness and often plain and blatant hatred. There is diversity of skin colour, features, experiences, language, race, creed, gender, religion, politics, laws, courts, tribunals, restaurants, opinions, pets, alcohol, magazines, books, music and so on and so forth. In fact, name almost anything and you’ll find several versions of it.


Ego uses diversity to splinter, separate, judge and punish. Him, your Higher Self uses it to unite and heal.


Put yet another way, finding your life is to work through those situations you need to re-experience, make different choices about and resolve correctly, on your way back to reuniting with Creation. This process is also known as undoing. 





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