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Eyes of Love is the final episode of the Two Earths and finally the outcome that has emerged is the best situation for all the souls.

Greed and power can be too destructive for the souls who live in light and love, and so it was implemented for them to each live out their role on an even playing field.

Now it is peaceful for those in the higher dimension and they can fulfil their human existence the way it was meant to be.

Unfortunately the lower dimension will now have to battle it out for survival amidst humans of the same outlook, and the ending is looking very destructive.

There is no greater power than the power of love and the Mothers of the Universe will continue to send it to all who need it, regardless of what dimension you live in, and the choice to receive it or not is yours. 

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ISBN: 978-1-922229-89-2     Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 138
Genre: Spiritual life --Fiction.

Cover: Clive Dalkins

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Author - Leanne Jackson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2015
Language: English




The whole story has concluded and it is now time for the messages to flow out to those who have asked for answers to their particular predicaments and to the situations around them at this point in time.

The answers that were given to me to pass on to you hopefully will resonate for you on a level of love and truth.

We are all spiritual beings experiencing a human existence and as the human we are always seeking answers to the many questions we have as to ‘why’ we are here. Maybe you will find some of the answers in these books.

My friends and family have shown me love, direction and support and as always I am very grateful for their roles, and I wish to reiterate to them that I am also here to offer any guidance they may seek from me.

The golden rule which has all the answers is very simple: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Leanne Jackson



Over the many years I have practised as a hypnotherapist I have always found it interesting to observe the different stories and scenarios of the people who sought my services.

It was such a story that had the basis for the three stories I have written and I would like to thank him for that.

The client who looked into the future for me and told me that he could see two identical earths spinning at the same time on separate axes formed the basis for the stories.

Firstly it was the ‘the wise one’ who guided and mentored the ‘the little one’ in the first episode as he attempted to answer the questions that the little one found so puzzling regarding the actions of some people on the planet Earth.

Secondly, the wise one then tutored the many advanced souls who were returning to the planet Earth in the hope that they could achieve a ‘hundredth monkey’ scenario, and save the experiment set up eons ago by the Leaders of Light, before the planet destructed,

Thirdly and finally, the future that was conveyed to me has materialised and we now have the two Earths operating at the same time with a different outcome for the inhabitants of each dimension.

The Mothers of the Universe send their unconditional love down to each Earth for the benefit of all.

What greater love is there than the love of a mother?

And so the whole story is now complete, along with my role in bringing it to you.

My wish is that you too will awake one day in the 5th dimension.





Many eons ago when the experiment was first created by the Leaders of Light, it was hoped that on the planet Earth they could place a combination of inhabitants from different planets that could learn to assimilate and create a new race that could live in love and peace.

They watched from afar like loving parents and hoped they would see a positive outcome as their ‘child’ matured. There were many times that they had to intervene and send help and support in a multitude of forms, to keep the creation moving forward.

Sometimes it looked like it was going to succeed and they were elated and excited but the positives got less and less and soon the negatives were at a point where they were now, on the brink of causing destruction and devastation. Mammoth intervention on their behalf would have to be implemented to rectify the downward slide or they would have to have the implantation of the original safety plan, set up at the beginning of the experiment, applied.

The Leaders of Light met and after many discussions decided the original plan would have to be implemented.

The people living on the Earth planet were in the 3rd dimension and the hope had been that they would all, over time, progress to the 5th dimension. For many this is what had happened and their understanding and enlightenment was a credit to all and certainly an enjoyment for those experiencing it. They were living a human existence that had many of the attributes of their spiritual Home. Unfortunately this left them vulnerable to the ‘evil humans’ that were becoming so predominant, and they had very few skills to deal with this scenario.

It soon became apparent to the Leaders that evil could damage the experiment resulting in little or no hope of a successful conclusion and even worse, causing massive damage to the other beautiful souls during their human existence, which would entail intense healing and repair to be undertaken upon their return Home.

The solution in the original devised plan was to then create two Earths of different dimensions. The ‘evil human’ would remain on the 3rd dimension leaving them all on a level battlefield to continue on living, fighting or destroying themselves, along with even the planet itself, until it was time for their soul to return Home.  Hopefully then with the correct guidance, they would be able to erase the evil they had created in their human existence, and when ready, be able to return again to the Earth planet to rectify the  negative karma.

The second Earth of Humans in the 5th dimension would continue on living in love and light, and would now hopefully be part of the original experiment coming to fruition. 

Finally, many races and countries living in peace and contentment while in a human existence.                      


Chapter 1


The Mothers of the Universe - part sample 


There is no greater power than the power of Love.

The sun softly cascaded down through the soft, white fluffy clouds from the brilliant blueness of the sky.

The wise one was now enjoying a short pause from his regular teachings. The little one who he had enjoyed his informative mornings with, was still absent from the Home base. The classes of souls he had lectured to at the IMMS University, were now fully involved in the roles that they had undertaken to fulfil on the planet Earth. He could now sit back and watch the outcomes unfold.

The new 5th dimensional Earth planet was now operating and the Leaders of Light were satisfied that the decision they had needed to make, will have the positive outcome that they had always hoped for.

Finally, the souls who now leave the Home base will be able to fulfil their Earthly existences in a way which will not be of such a destructive nature for them to overcome, upon their return Home.

So now the wise one can sit back and observe from afar, a civilisation of Humans who can exist and live with the concept of love as their mainstay.

Unfortunately for those that have had to finish their days of power and greed on the 3rd dimensional Earth, they will need extensive help upon returning Home and this will entail extreme healing from the Higher Sources before their soul can be directed into another existence.

The wise one will send his loving thoughts of support and guidance to those who ask for it in meditation or prayer, and until his favourite pupils return he will enjoy this repose.

In the distance he can see the women gathering, the Mothers of the Universe. The Mothers of the Home base who have over eons of time,   experienced motherhood on the Earth planet. Who has a stronger form of love than that of a Mother?                      

It’s a wonderful sight to see them gathering and their energy fields spread and engulf anyone who is in their perimeter. The wise one is enjoying this energy flow which is being absorbed with gratitude.

The women in their flowing gowns gather around the telescope like fixtures, which are surrounded by greenery, flowers and water. The setting is ideal as they begin their daily routine of manifesting love. The seeing ‘eye’ that they gather around is waist height and has an elliptical clear round dome-like structure on the top, which when looked through, gives them long distance sight to the two planet Earths.

Their beautiful clear singing voices float across the air as they begin their ritual and ceremony to manifest the energy of love needed to maintain the balance on the planet Earths. It has always been ordained that when Mothers from the Earth planet return Home that they will still be involved in the manifesting of love, a simple task that is second nature to Mothers.

All souls at one time or another have experienced being a mother and although they have also been males in some lifetimes, it is the female role they draw on now when returning to partake in the ceremony.

The ‘eye’ would be directed to the area that required extra love at that point in time. The ceremony would then manifest love and it would flow through the ‘eye’ to the required area that the Mothers knew it would be most needed and best received. Their requirements had doubled since the Earth was now operating in two dimensions and both needed the love energy, although it was better understood in the 5th dimension but more needed on the 3rd dimension.

The women in the Leaders of Light conclave were adamant in this direction that when the hard-line decision which would then create the two dimensions was about to be made and carried out, that their role of sending love would always be maintained. Over eons of time they too had sadly watched the destruction on the Earth plane, which would have eventually destroyed it for everyone if major steps were not taken. They had religiously sent their love potion down always in the hope that the love would conquer the negativity and bring the lasting peace that everyone was hoping for.


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