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BEYOND SCIENCE -The connection between us and the Universe.

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This book is a true story about Channelling of Lights and presence of Angel Healing, including the healing presence of the Phoenix and much higher energy.


It is also about how our own trauma or feelings can attract negative energy into our life and how positive thinking and healing gets us to a higher frequency and our own purpose in life.


There are also some of my own Astro-travelling experiences and premonition dreams.


This book is the true experience between me and Rose, however what issues came up are pretty much related to everyone on this Earth.  

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ISBN: 978-1-922229-77-9     Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 340
Genre: Non Fiction

Cover: Clive Dalkins




Author - Ariami Marpisa
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2015
Language: English



About the author  


The author has a Health Science Nutritional Therapy degree and a Cranio-Sacral Therapy diploma with more than 20 years experience in complementary therapies. Because of her inner curiosity she is now being pushed by the Lights towards healing and combining her knowledge together to pass it onto people who she treats and are willing to listen, so that they are able to connect body, mind and soul. Also she is working hard to have a normal life, as normal as it can be after her enlightenment, which is not always easy. 

 Read a sample:


The following is my experience with one of my clients who I will call Rose. Her gift means that she started to channel White Lights, Angels Archangels, and people astro travelling. I am a person who has astro travelled since the age of five, but I never knew until a few years ago when I had some extraordinary experiences after several treatments of cranio-sacral therapy (CST) during my training. Not everyone on the course had the same experiences that I had, and CST does not necessary involve psychic healing or anything related to that. Nobody could help explain my experiences apart from one of the other students who knew a trustworthy and wonderful healer. After I failed my practical exam and wondered what was happening, I decided to find out more of what was happening with me and why I was having the experiences I was.

I was scared at the beginning but as soon as I understood more, I became less scared. I have always been a logical and scientific person, and open to the possibility that science is not the only answer and there are lots of things that we do not know or understand. That does not mean they are not there. My inner curiosity prevailed over any beliefs I had. I was brought up as a Catholic but not strictly. My parents went to church on special occasions, and my mum is the most wonderful and helpful person that I know. Even though she may not go to church regularly, she does help other people on earth. Because of the time they grew up though, just after World War II, my parents, like many parents at the time, had many fears. Survival then was the most important thing, and therefore not listening much to children or not considering the children’s feelings or even what they had to say was common. Some people still do that now. At that time, for adults, children’s thoughts and feelings were not taken much into consideration, and adults pretty much had control over what we did or did not do as children, because of fears that something would happen to us. As a mother myself, I began going along the same path as my parents as I did not know any better, until my son taught me that there was another way. He wanted to be heard and the old way was not good for him at all.

Going back to my experiences of astro travelling, I decided that I wanted to know more of what was going on because my inner curiosity was stronger than my fears of knowing. Before the channelling with Rose started, I had healing with a healer who taught me how to ground myself properly to the earth and connect my body to my soul more when I was astro travelling so that I could be more in tune with my work as a practitioner.

On the first session she talked about White Lights being there during the session and about me having a shape shifter since my divorce. I had no idea what she was talking about but I went along with it as I knew that whatever she was saying felt right. That was the beginning of my journey into my body, mind and spirit. With each session, I got more and more from my inner self and deep from my mind. With my work and my healing, things surfaced and I learned things about myself that I had suppressed all my life. I did not know that each choice I had been making in my life, personally and non-personally, were because of the consequences of my past traumas from childhood to the present time. I think because of my fighting spirit I managed, in some way or another, to get onto the right path and with the help of the White Lights, Angels and Archangels I got to where I am now: enlightened and happier than I have ever been, because I am myself and I know I am conscious of who I am and what I can do.

It has been a long and hard journey. The same as for many people, getting rid of negative thinking and stopping old negative patterns was more difficult that I thought it would be. Being negative is easier than being positive, as you do not have any expectation and you do not have to do much about it. Being positive, on the other hand, or the transition between the negative path and the positive path, is very hard. It was much easier to help others reach the happy path than to get there myself. When I was happy, I felt guilty, because other people around me were not happy. Of course, that could not help them.

I now know that it is about choices and making that choice is up to the individual person. All of us have a choice and all of us can be happy all the time or most of the time, it all depends on us. Even after a traumatic event, it is our choice to seek help to release it out of our body, mind and spirit. Asking for help is our choice. To forgive people that hurt us and to forgive ourselves is our choice. To learn from the past and move forward is our choice. To love ourselves as much as loving other people is our choice.

There are people who need help to start with. I needed help to get to where I am and I still do sometimes. To want to be well and know how to get well is our choice. It sounds impossible and farfetched but it is amazing how our fears and how worrying about things that have not happened keep us stuck and unable to move. Some of the fear can manifest in real physical pain, so that we do not have to take the responsibility for our own future or happiness and we have an excuse not to take that responsibility. In my journey, after long, hard work, with my emotions and health going up and down, I managed to ‘get’ it.

It took me several sessions with Rose to really believe that what was happening in our sessions was real. After a few sessions, and with Rose’s permission, I decided to begin recording the sessions. One reason was that we could then understand the messages better and the second one was because this was an experience that had to be shared with the world, for all of us to learn.

White Lights, Angels, Archangels and more are around us. Many of them, according to our needs, have channelled through Rose and our sessions to help us. Other people who were consciously or unconsciously astro travelling have also channelled through our sessions, which gave me the proof that ungrounded people and White Lights on earth do help people (most of the time unconsciously) and we do meet up there first, before meeting on earth. I knew I was doing that. I did not know that other people also astro travelled or were conscious of astro travelling to help others or cope with their own stress.

My wish is to one day test the room and see the changes that happen energetically in the room during channelling. I even thought of contacting Brian Cox to see if he would be curious enough to help me test the room when there is a channelling. I know that the frequency, the intonation of the language and the experience of White Lights are all different and I can hear it in the session. I can also sense and feel the power of deep peace and love during the sessions. The Angels and Archangels and even Jesus helped in the sessions when some very dark and negative energy were around me or Rose. White Lights, in my experience, are the closest thing to humans that we can have to help us on our right path. Rose and I have been so lucky to have experienced what we have and we feel very honoured to have been chosen by the White Lights and Angels to communicate with us and take us through the journey and show us the amazing possibility of life and the positive thinking pathway. I know for a fact that anybody can communicate with them if they want to. So we are not the only ones; everyone can do it, you just need to be open minded about it and not scared.

Rose and I both had to learn to have FAITH and TRUST in what we were experiencing in these sessions and after a stubborn beginning we managed to do so. I am now trying to help Rose embrace her gift, so that she can be on her own path and start her journey of helping children. She already does so, but she just needs a little more faith and trust in herself and in her gift, to believe in what she feels and hears. I mean faith and trust in a non-religious sense. It is valid for everyone, of all religions and beliefs, race, colours and creeds.

This is intended for people on the positive path, for the goodness of the individual person and for others. It will not work for bad intentions, for intentionally harming somebody else, or for personal gain. You cannot, for example, ask somebody to fall in love with you if they are not in love with you, or force somebody to be with you if they do not want to. This is negative or low frequency energy, which does not have the best interests for the person or for others. Negative and low energy are connected to emotions such as jealousy, anger and envy. Positive emotions such as love, happiness and joy are connected to positive outcomes. The sessions and my own healing have taught Rose and me that dark energy can attach to our own low energy and negative feelings, so getting rid of the past and/or making peace with it is an important step for positive growth.

This book is about channelling the messages that the Lights give all of us. It is also about my own experience with astro travelling. I have not yet at this point understood fully why sometimes bad things happen to great people, but my theory is that the White Lights or Angels on earth might pick up all the negative feelings and energy from other negative and low people and by not knowing how to clear that or ask for help to clear it, they might get ill themselves. I have seen White Lights on earth getting very ill because they are so sad that they did not manage to help loved ones, and in the process, they got ill themselves. Some people are so sensitive to everything, that they cannot cope with going out with people who are very dark and selfish (by selfish I mean being very greedy and jealous of others and harming the sensitive one with their greediness and darker side). I know that is what happened with me. My past made me who I am. I have taken all the positive things from the negative experiences and keep moving forward.

I have great respect for all medical professionals. Science has had an amazing impact on our lives. I think prevention is much better than cure and to feel well and to work together with the medical profession is a great way to win all around. The Angels can help during an operation if that is something we need. Angels and other White Lights work together with doctors, nurses and other health professionals when their job is to heal others. If a miracle does not happen for a child or an adult, it is because either their soul decided to go or it is meant for them to move forward to another life and time.

My opinion is that working together in the best interests of the individual will go much further for the health of that individual, than working against each other. There are people on this earth who are naturally happy and positive and are like that for the rest of their lives. These people can help other not-so-fortunate people who cannot or do not know how to get help or help themselves. I think quite often these people are the ones who travel around the world helping the poor and needy. Nowadays with the internet and global news, we can all help the less fortunate. The best way to help them, though, is to teach them how to be responsible for their own peace and how to communicate on earth and beyond in a positive way so that they can get help themselves from up there too.

Many positive people help others who are struggling to reach the positive path. It is not easy, however, it is possible to be happy and positive, you just need to work towards it. For some people it will be helpful to understand why certain relationships do not work. I will mention all the books that helped me understand myself, my journey, my problems, and my stored negative patterns due to my childhood trauma.

A warning: not everyone can be helped. It is up to the individual to seek professional help if they need to. Helping friends and family who keep going down and keep asking for help does not help them, and it can destroy the person who is helping them, if they keep trying without thinking of their own health first. If friends and family do not want to take the responsibility for themselves, move away or take time off every now and then. If you are an Angel or a White Light on earth, you will be very upset that you cannot help them and get ill yourself.

It is my understanding that the Universe can only help us if we ask for help. There are many things that I have not yet learned or achieved. I believe that some things happen because we need to learn something first. Everyone learns at their own pace. Sometimes, entire populations keep doing the same things century after century, for example, men keeping their power instead of becoming equal and partnering with women.

This book covers the recorded sessions of Rose’s experiences. I have summarised them to make them more readable way and included my own interpretations of the meanings of what the Lights said. For the past two years since we began this journey together, our own faith and positive thinking have been challenged many times. Luckily, many times the Lights and Angels have been very patient in redirecting us to our own paths.

Everyone has the power to be happy and positive and to receive help from the Universe. You just need to ask, no matter what your beliefs are. We still need to do things ourselves; they just make things easier for us to get there.


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