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between two pyramids

BETWEEN TWO PYRAMIDS is a story covering the adventures one person has between her first visit as a wide-eyed twenty-year-old to the Great Pyramid and her second visit fifty years later to the same pyramid. 

She backtracks to her childhood which is set in Melbourne and which will be relatable to many readers regarding that era. When grown up she heads overseas and this opens her eyes to the wonders of the far-flung world which she refers to as her University of the World education.  

Her many experiences relating to her family will probably have familiar overtones to some readers, and it has been written in a style which should appeal as a novel to those who enjoy interesting family intrigues. 

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ISBN: 978-0-9944084-6-4
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 172



Leanne Jackson
Publisher: Zeus Publications
Date Published:  2016
Language: English




The author Leanne Jackson has been involved in the world of natural therapies for many years and has been part of the awakening of many issues. She has written three other books pertaining to this genre.  

In this book she has used her own experiences from childhood onwards to draw on and expand this into a story of fiction which loosely echoes her own life and those of her fictional family. 

She feels that many people have also had experiences and adventures both pleasant and unpleasant and that written down, they too could form a story of interest for other people to enjoy and maybe even relate to. 

She has written this book with that format in mind, that it can be an enjoyable read and perhaps offer an insight to the many facets of families in todayísí world. 

Writing has now become both a focus and a pastime and most importantly, an enjoyment, which she hopes she has passed on to her readers.

Chapter 1



She asked me why I had two pictures of the Great Pyramid of Giza sitting at either end of the mantelpiece in the main room. She asked me a lot of questions that day and I was happy to answer her queries because I was also happy about the fact that she was even in my presence after the absence of so many years. She had only been nine years old when I had waved goodbye to her and here she was, now a young adult of twenty years, and wanting some information regarding our family background. She left after a few hours and she has asked me to write down a few of the events we had spoken about for when we are to meet at our next arranged get together.

She liked the explanation of the two Gizas. I told her that I had been just her age, twenty, when I had stood in front of the beautiful majestic pyramid for the first time, and almost exactly 50 years later I had stood in front of it again. I had then realised that the major part of my life had been experienced in that time span and what an interesting one it had been, so the two photos set apart were to remind me of that.

There was an earlier part to my life than that, but a lot of it had not been very enjoyable and so I rationalised that my real life began at the pyramid aged twenty. In later life I was to realise how much the earlier part had influenced my whole life in both a positive and a negative way, and so I thought it should also be part of the story I wanted her to know.

I would have been about four or five years old when we began our road trip down to Melbourne from Wollongong. I even have a vague memory of people waving us goodbye early in the morning and of magpies above screeching out. There were four of us, my mother, my father driving, and my younger sister and I squashed in between them on the front seat either side of the gear stick of a Rugby. I will need to explain to her that a Rugby is the brand of an old car in those days, and that they only had front seats in them. They also had a dickie seat at the back but that was outside of the car and we only got to use that when we were older. Now it contained our luggage and our possessions along with the running board piled high for the 900-kilometre journey to Melbourne.

Thankfully I donít remember any of that adventurous journey which must have been quite harrowing compared to a similar trip these days.

As I grew older the story around this trip was filled in.



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